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NFT & Sports

cover by VEXX

The NFT Magazine has come to its #12 Issue, the last one for this amazing year together!

For this very special Issue, we’ve decided to carry out a deep insight on “NFT & Sports”, with the cover designed by the amazing artist VEXX.

Discover all the Crypto Companies involved in the sports field, the top Football NFT Projects and the relation between Sports and Blockchain.

Read the exclusive interviews with Max Rabinovitch of Socios.com, Alberto Maiorana of Sorare and not only.

The #12 ISSUE is sold out

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    Collect the NFT Cover


    “MOON is my first artwork of SuperRare and it is a dynamic NFT. Its eyes change depending on the price action of BTC and ETH.

    It comes with a physical painting with screens integrated, which are connected to WiFi to showcase the constantly changing animation”

    MOON was collected on SuperRare by @33vault last year for 12,98 ETH.

    Vince Okerman, known online as “Vexx,”is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist, globally noted for his signature “doodles” style.

    Vexx sits as one of the most recognized artists of his generation, with a combined social media following of over three and a half million subscribers and followers, and has partnered with brands including Gucci, Porche, Puma, Spongebob Squarepants, Red Bull, and Amazon among others.

    Total Artwork Value:
    1,056.946 ETH
    Highest Sale:
    30,822 ETH

    Top projects of Football NFT

    Socios, Sorare but not only, discover all the NFT projects involving football

    Exclusive Interviews

    Read the exclusive interviews with Max Rabinovitch of Socios.comAlberto Maiorana of Sorare and not only.

    The most important Crypto Companies involved in Sports

    Binance, Crypto.com, FTX e Coinbase and not only, discover all the most important crypto companies involved in sports


    Exclusive insights on the E-Sports and Blockchain and much more…

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    The NFT Magazine

    Each issue will increase by 200 copies per release, and you will be able to buy it for only 7 days until sold out.

    The Unsold copies will be burned to ensure rarity.

    Each NFT Cover of the monthly magazine will be unique, with over 10 different traits to collect.

    You will only be able to read The NFT Magazine if you have the NFT.