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The NFT Magazine has come to its #07 Issue, featuring the incredible international artist TOOMUCHLAG

This #07 Issue will be all about a new super interesting topic: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & GENERATIVE ART.

We will talk about the top NFT AI & GENERATIVE ARTISTS and PROJECTS, as well as exclusive interviews, tips and insights and much more!

The #07 ISSUE is SOLD OUT!

Collect the NFT Cover

"Le anime" - Cover

“‘Le anime’ represents for me a very important point in my life, the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new adventure. ‘Le Anime’ is also a clear tribute to Dante, the father of Italian literature, who inspired me a lot not only for this work but throughout my career.

In my work, the character who walks in the dark forest is a hero who faces his fears and decides to go beyond the limit, leaving the past behind. The Souls at the entrance represent the people I met in my life, each of them has a very important role.

Le Anime is the edition of NFT that has found the most success in my works, and which has helped to create the incredible community that now follows my artistic path and supports me every day.”


“Le Anime” by toomuchlag, 2021 –
Minted on Nifty Gateway

Toomuchlag (aka Stefan Mathez) a Swiss – Director & Multidiscplinary Artist, based in London, UK currently heavily involved in the NFT scene.

Known for his futuristic works, toomuchlag explores the dichotomy of light and dark, creating iconography that blends the dystopian and the celestial.

Total Artwork Value:
$3,928,656 (1,288.900 ETH)
Highest Sale:
$106,682 (35 ETH)
Average Sale:

Exclusive Interviews & Tips

Read the exclusive interviews with the NFT Cover artist TOOMUCHLAG and with Top Creators & Players


Discover everything about the Top NFT AI & GENERATIVE ARTISTS, get to know everything about their projects and their artworks

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Enjoy the first interview with GIANT SWAN!


Deepening on Art & AI, AI & Metaverse, ARTBLOCKS and not only…

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The NFT Magazine

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Each NFT Cover of the monthly magazine will be unique, with over 10 different traits to collect.

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